Frequency Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Why am I not hearing any sound?
A: The most common and easily overlooked reason is the mute button. Please ensure your device is not muted or if the volume is too low. In some cases, if there is a Bluetooth device is paired, the sound will be directed to the Bluetooth device.

If this does not work still, you may want to shutdown the app and restart.

Force app to quit
If not in the springboard (home screen) already, press the Home button once to return to the Home screen. Then press the Home button twice to display the recently accessed applications. Navigate to the app icon and tap and hold it until you see the red circled minus buttons appear on all the icons. Tap the red circle on the app  icon and it should disappear from the list. Start the app again now and check if you are able to hear the sound.

If there is still no sound, then you may want to restart your iOS device entirely:

Restart your iOS device
Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for several seconds until the Slide to Power Off control appears. Slide the red button to power your iOS device off. Start up the device by holding the sleep/wake button for a moment.

If you still have issues with the sound, then please submit your issue through the contact form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Q: What does Restore Purchase in In App purchase screen mean?
A: The Restore Purchase option allows you to reactivate your past in app purchases in another device on your current device. Or if you had purchased additional app options and deleted the app and reinstalled again, then you can use Restore Purchase to reactivate your purchases.